ASRock Rolls Out “Intel Baseline Profile” Functionality In Z790 & B760 Motherboard BETA BIOS

ASRock Rolls Out “Intel Baseline Profile” Functionality In Z790 & B760 Motherboard BETA BIOS

ASRock has become the latest motherboard manufacturer to implement.Intel Baseline Profile” BIOS functionality on its Z790 and B760 products.

As Intel's 14th and 13th Gen CPU stability issues continue to mount, the ASRock Z790/B760 motherboard is the latest to add a baseline profile feature to the BETA BIOS.

As pressure mounts on Intel to release a statement about Decreasing stability of its 13th and 14th gen CPUs.motherboard makers have begun implementing new BIOS features that help set chips to “Intel Baseline Profiles,” or preset settings that limit power and voltage so that CPUs can handle applications. And run better and more stable in games.

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ASRock has now followed suit. ASUS, GigabyteAnd MSI, all of which have released their respective BIOS updates to allow the default stability that was intended in the first place. ASRock is rolling out BETA BIOS for their entire Z790 and B760 motherboard range which were released just a few days ago (4/30 for Z790 and 5/02 for B760) boards. Those of you facing stability issues on ASRock motherboards can visit the official support page here to get the latest BIOS. and set the CPU to its default baseline profile.

Image source: ASRock

While we can appreciate the efforts of motherboard manufacturers, this all comes too late as many consumers already have CPUs that may be underpowered to the point where they cannot recover. Many PCs with Intel 14th Gen and 13th Gen CPUs have experienced BSOD issues, and are unable to run applications and games. “Extreme” or “unlimited” power limits also cause many heating issues, so while these new baseline settings will run the chips cooler, they will also run slower. Up to -30% loss in multi-threaded applications and up to -15% loss in game performance.

According to the latest statements from the manufacturers, Intel and its partners have not yet determined the root cause of the issues affecting the 14th and 13th Gen CPUs, but the company plans to issue an official statement on the matter by May 15. is making Again, we don't expect much for the same baseline guided profiles to be an official solution but let's hope for the best as it's been around for a long time now.

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