Apple To Introduce New AI-Focused M4 Chips For Macs Later This Year

Apple To Introduce New AI-Focused M4 Chips For Macs Later This Year

Apple is committed to integrating AI into all of its products, going beyond software innovation. While iOS 18 introduces new utilities to the iPhone, Apple is also pushing AI integration into its Mac lineup, driven in part by upgraded hardware. Recent reports suggest that Apple's development of M4 chips, expected later this year, is set to boost AI capabilities on Mac devices.

Later this year, Apple is set to unveil upgraded Macs featuring its latest M4 chips, which promise better computational and graphical performance. However, these improvements go beyond mere performance gains. Leading Bloomberg analyst Mark Gorman reports that Apple plans to boost the AI ​​capabilities of its notebooks by introducing these new M4 chips.

Apple is very committed to integrating generative AI technology into its products, spanning the iPhone, iPad and Mac. The iPhone is expected to get an upgrade later this year with the launch of iOS 18. Gorman has suggested that the M4 chip will debut on several Mac models later this year, leading us to speculate that Apple could unveil upgraded MacBook Pro models in the last quarter of 2024. , following a pattern similar to last year.

While improvements in efficiency and performance are appreciated, the main focus of the chip is on the improved neural engine, which features a higher core count to boost AI processing capabilities. The company plans to emphasize the AI ​​processing capability of these components and their integration with upcoming versions of macOS. This indicates a synergistic relationship between macOS and the M4 chip for smooth AI processing.
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Apple is currently conducting internal testing on three versions of the M4 chip, which is set to feature in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Studio series. The entry-level M4 chip, codenamed Doonan, is intended for the MacBook Air lineup, while the M4 Pro and M4 Max chips, codenamed Brava, are reserved for the MacBook Pro. Additionally, the M4 Ultra will be designated for Mac Studio. Additionally, the company is expected to upgrade the majority of its Mac lineup this year, with improved internals and possibly tweaked designs.

Production is currently underway for the upcoming M4 chips, which include various enhancements including support for up to 512GB of integrated memory in high-end variants. Using TSMC's 3nm process like the current M3 chip, the new M4 chip promises better performance and performance.

Source: Bloomberg

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