Apple reportedly intends to change how we use Siri very soon

Apple reportedly intends to change how we use Siri very soon

Amid rumors that Open AI He has his own Voice assistant in works, apple is reportedly planning a major update for Siri. According to , the tech giant plans to integrate advanced generative AI technology like ChatGPT into its forgotten digital assistant. Reporting by The New York Times. This change came about from Apple's top executives Times Say, after they've been wowed by ChatGPT. Information in Times The article “is from people familiar with the company's work, who were not authorized to speak publicly.”

Around the same time Times’ story published, a related report said that Apple is It is close to finalizing a deal with OpenAI itself. came up.

Historically, sir has struggled with maintaining conversations and understanding the context in questions — limitations that newer AIs like ChatGPT and Google's Gemini have overcome. Siri was first introduced in 2011 and hasn't received a major update since then. Siri's overhaul is part of a broader move within Apple to push its AI capabilities, as we've seen Apple's iPad announcement incident earlier this week.

This update is expected to be unveiled. Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Expected upgrades include an improved Siri that can be more conversational, and the ability to use the context of one application to facilitate understanding of another (ie, understanding, times, That “if someone asked the weather in San Francisco and then said, 'What about New York?' That user wanted another forecast”).

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Additionally, Apple also plans to process some of the AI-related data on-device rather than on cloud-based servers, reducing costs.

To bolster its AI efforts, Apple has redirected resources, Specifically blocking the $10 billion autonomous car project. It also helps that Apple has an extensive device network and advanced semiconductor technology that will undoubtedly improve Siri's functionality over the likes of ChatGPT and Gemini.

As noted in the Times piece, this would be Apple's most ambitious restructuring in nearly a decade. A major fear among Apple executives is reportedly that AI competitors to iOS could eventually dominate the smartphone software market. As such, the company's success will largely depend on its ability to seamlessly integrate the generative AI systems that Apple's customers rely on.

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