'Apple Pencil Pro' tipped for Apple May 7 event: 3 new features it could have

'Apple Pencil Pro' tipped for Apple May 7 event: 3 new features it could have

Could the Apple Pencil Pro be on the way? Apple has teased that a new Apple Pencil is on the way, as we can see in a promo image on the Apple Events page.

However, we did were not Expect a “Pro” version of the iPad stylus. As seen by user X. @ribu_ap712, A code on Apple's Japan-based website suggests that a brand new Apple Pencil Pro could be on the way. Apple Livestream event on May 7.

Apple Pencil Pro: 3 Potential New Features

Confirmed by Mashable, the Japan-based website does, in fact, mention the Apple Pencil Pro in a code that renders an interactive animation on the front end.

Here is, in part, a translation of the text:

Mashable Light Speed

Layers of green, yellow, orange and blue paper are bent to create the Apple logo. Inside the logo, you can see the hand of a creator. Apple Pencil Pro, trying to attract. from the tip of Apple Pencil Pro When pressed on the bottom of the logo, orange and pink splashes explode, creating vivid waves upwards.

While the rumor mill hasn't, as yet, said anything about the “Pro” variant releasing on May 7, we still have some scuttlebutt about the new features the new iPad stylus will offer.

According to BloombergOf Mark Gorman, an Apple prognosticator with a decent track record, said the latest Apple Pencil will have haptic feedback “for the first time.”

As 9to5Mac As noted, there are several instances in the iPadOS 17.5 beta code that refer to something called a “squeeze gesture”, indicating that the user is able to trigger certain functions by pinching the stylus. can be

And according to another leak from Ben Spiller On Majin Buu Xcould be the next Apple Pencil. Interchangeable magnetic points.

Although it is not clear if these features are for the rumored Apple Pencil Pro or another Apple Pencil tier.

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