AOKZOE Unveils A2 Ultra Handheld, Featuring Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU & Much More

AOKZOE Unveils A2 Ultra Handheld, Featuring Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU & Much More

AOKZOE has announced its new A2 Ultra gaming handheld, now debuting with Intel's Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” CPUs.

AOKZOE's A2 Ultra gaming handheld will feature Team Blue's Core Ultra Magic, set to launch on April 14.

AOKZOE's previous handheld releases were based entirely on AMD's Phoenix processors, and even Base A2 gaming console Comes with Ryzen 6000/7000 series APUs. However, given the current state of the markets and how Intel's Meteor Lake “Core Ultra” CPUs are starting to gain traction among manufacturers, AOKZOE is on the bandwagon, unveiling its new A2 Ultra handheld gaming console. Decided to take a step.


In the latest teaser uploaded by AOKZOE on the Chinese platform Weibo, the company revealed that their upcoming handheld, the A2 Ultra, will feature Intel's Core Ultra 7 SoC. Still, the firm has not revealed the specific SKU to be featured.

Based on industry trends, the added processor could be either Intel's Core Ultra 7 155H or another high-end variant in the series. Still, the 155H will likely be the preferred option here since we've already looked at the CPU. MSI's claw debut in a handheld. Additionally, it shows that Intel's Meteor Lake lineup will give AMD's Phoenix and even Hawk Point APUs tough competition going into the future as generational jumps are rare.

Image source: Aokzoe

Fortunately, AOKZOE also has 3DMark test results with its A2 Ultra handheld device, which scored a total of 4,169 points while operating at 35W of TDP, putting the handheld ahead of its closest competitors. Is. Among other details, the handheld comes with an elegant white design, with black accents on the onboard buttons, along with an RGB light joystick to provide a nice touch.

In terms of AOKZOE A2 Ultra release date and pricing, we can expect to see the handheld debut in regional markets by April 14. Although there's no word on pricing, we can see it's closer to what the MSI Claw will be. is being taken, which is US$699.

Intel Handheld Gaming Console Lineup:

Name Aokzoe A2 Ultra MSI CLAW AM1
CPU name Intel Core Ultra Series 1 Intel Core Ultra Series 1
CPU/GPU architecture Meteor Lake / Arc Xe-LPG Meteor Lake / Arc Xe-LPG
CPU Cores / Threads 16 / 22 @ 4.8 GHz 16 / 22 @ 4.8 GHz
14 / 20 @ 4.5 GHz
GPU core 8 Xe @ 2.25 GHz 8 Xe @ 2.25 GHz
7 Xe @ 2.20 GHz
memory TBD 16 GB LPDDR5-6400
Storage TBD 512 GB / 1 TB (M.2)
Display resolution TBD 1920×1080 @ 120Hz
Screen type 7 inch IPS 7 inch IPS
Wi-Fi option TBD TBD
Battery size TBD 53Wh
The weight TBD 675 grams
Form factor TBD 294x117x21mm
Operating system Windows 11 Windows 11
Release date Q2 2024 Q1 2024
Price TBD $699 (125H + 16 GB + 512 GB)
$799 (155H + 16 GB + 1 TB)

News Sources: AOKZOE, Video cards

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