AOKZOE A2 Ultra Gaming Handheld With Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU To Launch On April 14th

AOKZOE A2 Ultra Gaming Handheld With Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU To Launch On April 14th

The upcoming A2 Ultra gaming handheld will be powered by Intel Core Ultra architecture instead of AMD Ryzen processor. Although it visually resembles the AMD Ryzen 7040U-based version mentioned earlier, the A2 Ultra will integrate Intel Meteor Lake architecture, offering completely separate CPU and GPU designs. Today, the company has officially unveiled the new handheld, with a full specification reveal later this month.

It is important to mention that the A2 series previously included the Ryzen 6000U and 7000U series of processors, introducing the third architecture within these series. AOKZOE emphasizes that the Intel 4 process and Xe-LPG architecture will offer strong gaming performance. Performance is nearly doubled compared to previous Intel GPU architectures, resulting in significantly increased power efficiency and reduced power consumption. However, it's worth noting that Raptor Lake was rarely used by handheld manufacturers, largely due to its GPU performance.
Core Ultra Power
AOKZOE has yet to officially confirm the specific Core Ultra CPU that will power the device. However, the teaser suggests the use of Core Ultra 7, which makes the Core Ultra 7 165H or 155H less likely. Both versions boast 16 CPU cores and 8 Arc GPU Xe-Cores.
The company has unveiled the results of the 3DMark TimeSpy test, which shows that the system-on-chip (SoC) achieves an overall score of 4169 points, with 3813 points attributed to the GPU test. Additionally, the handheld is engineered to operate with a thermal design power (TDP) of up to 35 watts, slightly ahead of the claws that run at 28 watts.
The company will reveal more information on April 14, with pricing a key factor. While the MSI Claw got a lot of attention at CES 2024, its recent launch from MSI was relatively low-key. There is a perception that MSI is not actively promoting the product, and there is no mention of a review program. The Claw entered the market with a relatively high price tag of $699, which was not well received by the gaming community, particularly due to its inferior performance compared to the Ryzen Z1 Extreme handhelds, which They are actually cheap.

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