AOC Unveils AGON Pro AG246FK Gaming Monitor, Featuring Blazing-Fast 540 Hz Display

AOC Unveils AGON Pro AG246FK Gaming Monitor, Featuring Blazing-Fast 540 Hz Display

AOC has. The unveiling Its latest gaming monitor, the AGON Pro AG246FK, is targeting the eSports gaming segment with a 540Hz display.

AOC's latest gaming monitor under the AGON lineup still targets the ESports gaming market with a 540Hz display.

AGON OF AOC Monitor line-up are known for their gaming prowess, especially with the features they are equipped with, and it looks like the AGON Pro AG246FK is no exception.

Starting with the specifications, the AGON Pro AG246FK has a 24.1-inch TN panel with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. hold on. While you may think this is average, wait until you find out the refresh rate of this monitor. The panel has a fast GtG response time of 0.2ms and several other gaming-oriented features that suit e-sports scenarios.

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Now, moving to the refresh rate, the AGON Pro AG246FK comes with a whopping 540 Hz refresh rate, and while it's not the highest in the industry, it's definitely a contender. For those critical of the panel type, it's important to note that TN panels have a relatively simple pixel structure, which allows for faster pixel switching, ultimately guaranteeing higher refresh rates. Additionally, TN panels have been widely adopted by top display firms such as BenQ, which has an excellent reputation in the e-sports segment. Therefore, they can be trusted for such quality results.

Image Source: AOC Gaming AGON

As for additional features, the AGON Pro AG246FK has a 100% sRGB color gamut for a decent display, but you shouldn't expect much here in terms of panel quality. What's more, the panel comes with HDR 400 certification, which isn't high-end, and that's it for the display. In terms of overall aesthetics, there's not much going on around the monitor, except for an abstract RGB pattern on the back, which is also controllable.

In terms of onboard ports, we're not privy to the full details, but we do know that the monitor has the traditional DP and HDMI connectivity options, as well as a four-port USB hub. Well, for pricing, the AGON Pro AG246FK is retailing for €699 in European markets, a somewhat reasonable choice if you're looking for nothing more than a hard core gaming monitor, but be aware that Display quality will be nothing. You will love it.

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