Analyst Forecasts $40 Billion AI GPU Sales For NVIDIA, $3.5 Billion For AMD & Just $500 Million For Intel In 2024

Analyst Forecasts $40 Billion AI GPU Sales For NVIDIA, $3.5 Billion For AMD & Just $500 Million For Intel In 2024

NVIDIA is expected to dominate the AI ​​market in 2024 as it is poised to post $40 billion worth of GPU sales, significantly outpacing AMD and Intel.

NVIDIA's 2024 AI GPU sales are reportedly around $40 billion, 11.4x more than AMD and 80x more than Intel.

NVIDIA's performance in the AI ​​market is not surprising, considering the tone they had already set for it. Last year's major financial figures. The most shocking fact to see here is the widening gap between the companies in the AI ​​race, and while it's disappointing to say, Intel and AMD are far behind.

Bloomberg Technology NVIDIA's AI accelerator is expected to generate about $50 billion, while competitors like AMD and Intel will get only a fraction of the revenue, at $3.5 billion and $500 million, respectively, the report said. The information was shared with Intel CEO Pete Gelsinger later. Intel's latest earnings announcement.

Well, the coverage is more of an analysis of the current state of the markets and shows viewers just how big of an influence NVIDIA actually has. Interestingly, I did the math and found that Team Green is expected to lock in eighty times more revenue than Intel, and that's just from sales of their AI accelerator. I'm not sure if that includes data center sales. Nevertheless, one can easily testify how big the gap has become, and Intel, a firm that once ruled the tech markets, is now struggling to differentiate.

AMD is in a similar position to Intel, but there is optimism around their camp, especially with how the firm is moving forward with its Instinct lineup of accelerators. AMD's Instinct MI300X AI GPU has succeeded. Attracting widespread interest from the industry, not only because of the better price-to-performance ratio, but also because Team Red is consistent with its supply. AMD may be in contention to come out on top, but it's too early to say. We have a lot to look forward to, especially with what the company brings in the future. However, despite the heavy influence of AI that AMD is going through, none of their GPUs managed to show up in the latest MLPerf v4.0 benchmarks where Intel was the only benchmarked alternative to NVIDIA's AI GPUs..

Now, Intel is not in the position the company had hoped for. Team Blue has it. Recently unveiled Their Gaudi-3 AI accelerator, which is reported to generate $500 million in revenue this year, is well below market expectations.

Despite Gaudi 3 being a current-generation product, the accelerator includes relatively old components such as the HBM2e, which may reduce its market presence. However, Intel likely can Explore the path to “China”. With their latest release, and it was actually the path that widened NVIDIA's AI fortunes before the bans came into effect.

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The future of AI markets is really interesting to watch, and despite NVIDIA's complete dominance, there is hope and optimism for other companies as well. However, it is interesting to see how Team Green has carried itself so far, and Blackwell AI GPU architectureI don't see their dominant position breaking anytime soon.

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