AMD Zen 5 Status Report: EPYC “Turin” Is Sampling, Silicon Looking Great

AMD Zen 5 Status Report: EPYC “Turin” Is Sampling, Silicon Looking Great

As part of AMD's Q1'2024 earnings announcement this week, the company is offering a brief status update on some of its future products launching later this year. Chief among these is an update to their Zen 5 CPU architecture, which is expected to launch later this year for both client and server products.

Underscoring their progress so far, AMD is confirming that EPYC “Turin” processors have begun sampling, and that this early run of AMD's next-generation data center chips is the company's first. Expectations are being met.

“Looking forward, we're very excited about our next-generation Torion family of EPYC processors that feature our Zen 5 cores,” AMD Chief Executive Officer Lisa Xu said in a conference call with analysts and investors. ” Searching for Alpha). “We've been sampling large-scale taurine, and the silicon is looking great.

All in all, it looks like AMD is on track to consolidate its position, and perhaps even increase its data center market share with its EPYC Torion processors. According to AMD, the company's server partners are producing 30 percent more designs for Turin than for Genoa. This underscores how AMD's partners are gearing up to further increase market share on the back of AMD's ongoing success, not to mention the improved performance and power efficiency that the Zen 5 architecture brings. Should be presented.

“In addition, compared to fourth-generation EPYC platforms, 30% more Torion platforms are in development from our server partners, expanding our enterprise and with new solutions suitable for additional workloads,” Su said “Tavern is on track to open later this year.”

AMD's EPYC 'Turin' processors will be drop-in compatible with existing SP5 platforms (ie, come in an LGA 6096 package), making it the fastest ramp-up and platform adoption by both cloud giants and server makers. Will facilitate. In addition, AMD's next-generation EPYC CPUs are expected to feature more than 96 cores and a more versatile memory subsystem.

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