AMD & Vindral Demo 8K 10-bit HDR Live Streaming With Ultra-Low Latency

AMD & Vindral Demo 8K 10-bit HDR Live Streaming With Ultra-Low Latency

Worked closely with AMD. Windral To showcase the 8K 10-bit HDR live streaming capabilities on your Alveo hardware, bringing high-quality and rich streams to audiences.

AMD Demos World's First 8K 10-bit HDR Live Streaming Capabilities with Vandal's Ultra-Low Latency Technology

News for the newspaper: Vendrell, developed by RealSprint. Sweden, is excited to announce a partnership with semiconductor manufacturer AMD. The first joint venture is to create a world first. 8K Live streaming at extremely low latency. IBC initially had a tech preview. September 2023 It has now reached commercial readiness.

  • Powered by AV1 8K 10-bit HDR quality live streaming tier, at ultra-low latency and compatible with all viewers.
  • The demo is currently running locally at NAB as a full on-premise setup of the Wonderle CDN. Las Vegasand is powered by the Alveo MA35D from AMD.
  • The two companies are working together to create a viable, quality secure and scalable implementation.
  • A key to ensuring compatibility with lower-end devices is adaptive bitrates, which are always included in streams provided by Windarl.

“After our AV1 initiative, the next obvious step was to look at the next frontier. And that is it 8K. Not many devices can display it yet, nor can they decode video, but as a brand that aims to be ahead of the curve, this is an important step for us.” said Daniel AllanderCEO at Windral.

“We are delighted to be working with Windral on the next generation of performance. Given their special focus on enabling high VQ, even at ultra-low latency, it is a perfect match for us. The MA35D is specifically designed for these Heavy duty was designed to enable large scale jobs, and the live streaming CDN is an amazing showcase for us. said Sean Gardnerhead of strategy and market development at AMD.

While 8K Not yet widely adopted in the consumer-grade market, there are many business cases where high-resolution content plays a central role.

“We're cutting edge, showing that we can. 8K Today and we quickly learned that there are segments of the market that are already looking for these types of solutions. Japan Also stands out as a geographic market where 8K The future is not far off. Many companies are already on board,” Allander added.

“From esports to retail and sports betting, there will always be companies looking to push the envelope. It's for area of ​​interest (RoI) applications where you 8K Stream from a static camera and watch any 4K part of it in your device, as well as industrial- or military-grade image recognition applications,” Gardner added.

Other examples include XR applications, which require at least dual. 4K Canvas – one for each eye; Also any product that does AI analysis of content and games.

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