AMD To Launch EPYC 4004 CPUs For Mainstream AM5 Platforms: X3D 3D V-Cache & Standard Variants

AMD To Launch EPYC 4004 CPUs For Mainstream AM5 Platforms: X3D 3D V-Cache & Standard Variants

AMD is expected to introduce its mainstream server family in the form of EPYC 4004 CPUs that will be compatible with the AM5 platform.

AMD EPYC 4004 CPUs Coming to Mainstream AM5 Platforms in Standard and X3D 3D V-Cache Flavors

Information comes from @AnhPhuH Joe reports that AMD is working on a new EPYC family under the 4004 series. So far, AMD has its Zen 4-powered EPYC. 9004 And 8004 The families are designed for the SP5 and SP6 platforms, respectively, and offer up to 128 cores. The EPYC 4004 will be AMD's third official series and will target the mainstream AM5 platform.

The AMD EPYC 4004 CPUs are expected to use the same Zen 4 core architecture and will probably use the same “Raphael” CPU dies that we've seen in the form of the Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 7000 X3D chips. The platform will only be configured in a 1P (single socket) solution, unlike the higher-end SP5 platforms which can have two sockets.

No information is available on a launch date or specific SKUs, but it looks like the AMD EPYC 4004 CPU family will include both standard and X3D “3D V-Cache” boosted chips. So we can expect up to 16 cores and 32 threads with 144 MB cache. The most interesting aspect of these CPUs is definitely the fact that they will be supported by the AM5 platform but it is not known if the chips will be compatible with DIY motherboards that you can get off the shelf.

What to expect from the AMD EPYC 4004 platform:

  • Socket compatibility with AM5
  • Based on Zen 4 core architecture
  • 1P (single socket) support
  • 3D V-Cache and standard variables
  • Up to 16 cores and 32 threads?
  • Up to 144 MB cache?

We know that with the WRX80 platforms, only AMD's Ryzen Threadripper & Threadripper PRO CPU SKUs are compatible while the EPYC lineup is not even though they are very similar in terms of CPU architecture and configuration. So it may be the same case for the EPYC 4004 CPU family. As for when these CPUs will launch, we can expect AMD to release some information in a few weeks or days as it shouldn't be long before the Zen 4 parts are released as they have been in mass production for several quarters. are

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