AMD RDNA 4 & RDNA 3+ GPUs Receive Updated Support In Linux Graphics Drivers

AMD RDNA 4 & RDNA 3+ GPUs Receive Updated Support In Linux Graphics Drivers

AMD has added new patches and support for its upcoming. rDNA 4 And RDNA 3+ GPUs Inside the latest Linux graphics drivers.

AMD is set to provide expanded support for future graphics lineups, including RDNA 3+ and RDNA 4 for Radeon GPUs.

AMD's work to support future products on Linux has increased significantly, especially towards their upcoming RDNA 4 and RDNA 3+ graphics architectures. The firm adopts an IP blocks approach, and in its view, Development is still ongoing. Based on this preparation, we expect to have maximum support for next-generation GPUs at launch.

Phronics reports that AMD has released a major AMDGPU and AMDKFD kernel driver patch that brings several enhancements integrated before Linux 6.10. New features include upgrades to the IP blocks targeted for the RDNA 3+ and RDNA 4 GPU architectures, indicating that Team Red is proactive when enabling next-generation products. Below is the changelog, which shows the complete changes with the new update:

– HDCP fixes
– ODM improvements
– RAS improvements
– Decoderdump improvements
– Miscellaneous code cleanup
– Expose VCN activity via sysfs.
– SMY 13.0.x updates
– Enable fast updates on DCN 3.1.4.
– Add dclk and vclk reporting on additional devices.
– Add ACA RAS infrastructure.
– Implement TLB flush fence.
– EEPROM handling improvements
– SMUIO 14.0.2 support
– SMU 14.0.1 updates
– Synchronize free page table with TLB flushes.
– DML2 refactor
– DC debug improvements
– SR-IOV improvements
– Suspend and resume corrections.
– DCN 3.5.x updates
– Z8 improvements
– UMSCH reforms
– GPU reset fixes
– HDP fix for second GFX pipe on GC 10.x
– Enable secondary GFX pipe on GC 10.3.
– Clean up refactor and BACO/BOCO/BAMACO handling.
– VCN partitioning fix
– DC DWB corrections
– VSC SDP fixes
– DCN 3.1.6 fix
– GC 11.5 fixes
– Remove invalid TTM resource start check.
– Improvements to DCN 1.0

– Cleaning up MQD handling
– Preemption handling improvements for XCDs
– TLB flush fix for GC 9.4.2
– Properly clear the work queue while unloading the module.
– Fix memory leak process create failure.
– Range check CP bad option exception targets to avoid reporting invalid exceptions to userspace.

With this large batch of driver patches, AMD is poised to take Linux support to an all-time high, rivaling MESA alternatives. RADV Vulcan Driverwhich is a far better choice and has seen tremendous interest in the past few years due to its more open-source nature.

News Source: Phronics

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