AMD RDNA 4 GPU Patches Sees Merging Into Mesa's RadeonSI Linux Driver, VCN5 Encode/Decode Capabilities Revealed

AMD RDNA 4 GPU Patches Sees Merging Into Mesa's RadeonSI Linux Driver, VCN5 Encode/Decode Capabilities Revealed

AMD's early support for this Next generation RDNA 4 GPUs And its VCN5 hardware is finally done. Integrated into the RadeonSI OpenGL driver on Linux.marking the firm's leap into the future.

AMD shows speed with RDNA 4 GPU capabilities as the firm pushes out patches faster than ever, with VCN5 encode/decode capabilities also confirmed.

It's been a while since we've seen several GFX12/RDNA 4 GPU developments in Linux and how Team Red has expanded their approach using “IP Blocks”.

Based on this readiness, we expect excellent support for next-generation GPUs at launch. now, Phronics reports that early work for RDNA 4 GPU capability has finally seen integration with the mainstream Radeon drivers on Linux, indicating that we're really close to the official launch timeline and from the looks of it , AMD is ready for release.

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It was revealed that 24 patches were integrated into Mesa 24.2-devel, most of which are for platform fundamentals, such as AMD AC code, ADDRLIB library code for GFX12 (RDNA 4 GPU), and several RadeonSI Other changes were being made. OpenGL Driver. Since the patches were waiting for a merge request, we didn't see anything new or unique about them. Therefore, we will not go into details.

Apart from these, AMD also rolled out. VCN5 (Video Codec Next) encode/decode capabilities. For its RDNA 4 GPUs:

Image source: FreeDesktop.org

It's fortunate to see the approach taken by Team Red this time around with future RDNA and Zen architecture capabilities in Linux because, as seen in the past, AMD has been very reluctant to push patches. demonstrated, with an official launch a few days away. The initial patch also revealed brand new ray tracing capabilities for RDNA 4 GPUs, More on that here.

With such moves, AMD is poised to take Linux support to an all-time high, rivaling alternatives like MESA's RADV Vulkan driver, which is seen as a much better choice and its Because of this, it has seen tremendous interest in the past few years. Open source nature

News Source: Phronics

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