AMD Pushes Out Zen 5 Patches At Linux, New CPU Models Added To Kernel

AMD Pushes Out Zen 5 Patches At Linux, New CPU Models Added To Kernel

Linux has received a new patch from AMD engineers, targeting the next-generation Zen 5 CPU architecture that includes new model IDs for processors expected in the lineup.

AMD accelerates Zen 5 capabilities, uploads new CPU models to ensure full support at launch

As we near the launch of AMD's upcoming Zen 5 CPU lineup, engineers have begun ramping up their work on Linux to ensure full, stable support at launch. Phronics reports that AMD A kernel patch appeared in the Linux 6.9 kernel., which aimed to provide a wider range of model IDs, likely designated for Zen 5 processors. The patch appeared with the Zen 5 tag, leaving no ambiguity as to what it was designed for.

Image source: Kernel.org

For those unaware, AMD's Zen 5 CPU lineup is labeled “Family 26” or “Family 1Ah” in the kernel. We've seen support for several Zen 5 processors, including 0 to 15, 32 to 47, and 64 to 79, along with their respective model IDs. With the new patch, Linux has also gained support for model IDs 112 to 127, indicating that Team Red has added new processor support to the Linux kernel.

However, it's important to note that these model IDs are just numbers to us, and we can't guess what they represent. The firm does not need to assign all of these model IDs to Zen 5 SKUs. Something will be left out. We know that the architecture will be adopted by several CPU families such as EPYC Turin, Ryzen “Granite Ridge”, Ryzen “Fire Range”, Ryzen “Strix Point”, Ryzen “Kraken Point” etc.

Among other Zen 5 developments, recently Gigabyte Confirmed the existence of the Ryzen 9000 series. Through a press release that mentioned the name of the lineup. It was revealed that Gigabyte will support AMD Ryzen 9000 “Zen 5” desktop CPUs on its AM5 motherboards, including the X670, B650, and A620 series products, which is exciting to witness. As for the release date, AMD's Zen 5 CPUs could drop somewhere later. Computex 2024 Since the grand unveiling might just happen there. So, you can expect market availability by July-August, but it is not official yet.

AMD Zen 5 CPU Families:

family name architecture segment Platform
Torn Zen 5 / Zen 5C Data center SP5/SP6
Shamida peak Zen 5 Workstation TRX40/WRX80
Granite Ridge Zen 5 Desktop AM5
Fire range Zen 5 laptop (excited) BGA
Strix Point Hello Zen 5 / Zen 5C Laptop (High End) FP 11
Strix Point Zen 5 / Zen 5C Laptop (Mainstream) FP9
Kraken Point Zen 5 / Zen 5C Laptop (Mainstream) FP8?
Sonoma Valley Zen 5 / Zen 5C Laptop (Entry Level) TBD

News Source: Phronics

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