AMD Fullfills Open-Source Promise, Releases Full MES Documentation For RDNA 3 GPUs

AMD Fullfills Open-Source Promise, Releases Full MES Documentation For RDNA 3 GPUs

AMD has finally delivered on its promise.RDNA is releasing complete documentation of the Micro Engine Scheduler (MES) firmware for the 3 GPU.

AMD Switched to Open Source Mode, More RDNA 3 GPU Documentation Now Available

Well, we are well aware of the open source fiasco and how popular startup firm TinyGrad fought against AMD on the Internet simply because they were against open sourcing of resources, which ultimately forced the AI ​​startup . Switch to alternatives such as those from NVIDIA and Intel.

This led to some changes in AMD's approach to software assets, with the firm moving to a certain extent towards open sourcing, as revealed in the latest MES documentation initiative.

The Micro Engine Scheduler (MES) firmware is responsible for scheduling graphics and compute work on AMD RDNA™ 3 GPUs.

This document provides an overview of the AMD RDNA 3 scheduling architecture that describes the key scheduler firmware (MES) and hardware (queue manager) components that participate in scheduling. This document is intended to introduce the reader to the overall architecture of the scheduling system and is not intended to serve as a programming guide.


In addition to MES, AMD previously announced that the company intends to open source. Additional parts of its software stack and hardware documentation.

For now, the MES firmware is under legal review, and it won't be long before AMD officially pulls it out, ushering in a new era if the firm continues at this pace. To view the complete documentation, you can access it through this link. Here.

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