AMD Confirms Zen 5 CPUs Now Sampling: Turin “EPYC” & Strix “Ryzen” Launching In 2H 2024, Gaming GPU Revenue Takes Big Hit

AMD Confirms Zen 5 CPUs Now Sampling: Turin “EPYC” & Strix “Ryzen” Launching In 2H 2024, Gaming GPU Revenue Takes Big Hit

AMD has revealed that it is now giving away samples of its next-generation Zen 5 CPUs to partners, including Turin “EPYC” and Strix “Ryzen” processors.

AMD's Next-Gen Zen 5 CPUs for EPYC “Turin” and Ryzen “Strix” Now Sampling, MI300 Refreshes Hint Again

AMD posted its Q1 2024 earnings. A few hours ago, highlighting strong sales in the data center segment. During the earnings call, AMD's CEO, Lisa Sue, gave a brief report on where the company is now and where it is going. This year will be all about Zen 5 as it enters both the client and data center segments.

AMD seems to be putting it all on data centers in 2024 by accelerating its EPYC CPU and Instinct GPU roadmaps. On the CPU side, AMD Zen 5 core architecture will play a major role powering two major product families, EPYC “Turin” and Ryzen “Strix”. Both these chips are said to be sampling partners now and are expected to launch sometime in the second half of this year.

Our priorities for 2024 are clear: accelerate our data center growth by increasing Instinct GPU production and gaining share with our EPYC processors. Launch our next-generation Zen 5 PC and server processors that enhance our leadership performance and expand our adaptive computing portfolio with a variety of solutions.

Dr. Lisa Su – CEO (AMD)

Starting first with AMD EPYC Turin CPUs, the family will be the first EPYC lineup to feature the all-new Zen 5 cores. These CPUs are being sampled extensively by customers and partners and the silicon feels great. Lisa Xu mentioned that the EPYC Turian CPUs provide significant gains in efficiency and performance that will help further expand their server market share.

Image source: AMD

AMD's partners are already powering more than 30% of the platform with 5th Gen EPYC “Turin” CPUs and these will be introduced later this year. In a recent roadmap, AMD confirmed that EPYC Turin CPUs will offer drop-in upgradeability with existing 4th Gen EPYC servers on SP5 and SP6 platforms. We expect to see 128 Zen 5 and 192 Zen 5C base offerings in the family..

Looking ahead, we're very excited about our next-generation Torion family of EPYC processors featuring our Zen 5 cores.

We've been sampling Taurine extensively, and the silicon is looking great. In the cloud, Tavern's significant performance and performance enhancements position us well to capture the largest share of both first- and third-party workloads. In addition, 30% more Torion platforms are in development from our server partners, compared to fourth-generation EPYC platforms, expanding our enterprise with new solutions suitable for additional workloads. Torn is on track to launch later this year.

Dr. Lisa Su – CEO (AMD)

Image source: AMD

Moving on to the client side, AMD is positioning its Ryzen Strix APUs as the “next big step” in its AI PC roadmap. AMD's Strix APUs will be a key product for the company in its client offering, targeting the premium market segment with a mix of next-generation core IPs including Zen 5 CPU, RDNA 3+ GPU, and XDNA 2 NPU core included. same roof. The Strix APUs will be launched in the second half of this year.

Based on what we know, AMD's Ryzen Strix APUs will come in two flavors, a high-end chiplet, and a standard monolithic die. The former will be aimed at the enthusiast segment while the latter will be designed for thinner and lighter platforms while offering a significant performance boost. The performance of the NPU is already said to be 3x faster than current Ryzen Hawk “8040” APUs. AMD also expects to launch more mainstream product families as it moves into 2025. Risen Kraken APU.

We'll also take the next big step in our AI PC roadmap later this year with the launch of our next-generation Ryzen mobile processors codenamed Strix. Customer interest in Strix is ​​high based on the significant performance and energy efficiency enhancements we are delivering. Design wins for premium notebooks continue to outpace previous generations as Strix enables next-generation AI experiences in laptops that are thinner, lighter and faster than ever before.

AIPC products, when we look at Strix products, are — they're really suited to the premium segments of the market. And I think that's where you'll see some of the AI ​​PC content strongest early on. And then as we go into 2025, you'll see that more in the rest of the portfolio.

Dr. Lisa Su – CEO (AMD)

As for sales and revenue, Data Center took the lead, reporting strong growth on both the EPYC CPU and Instinct GPU fronts. While AMD's EPYC CPUs moved most of the share, the Instinct MI300 series became the fastest ramping product in AMD's history, surpassing $1 billion in sales in two quarters. AMD reports that more partners are developing servers with the new MI300 accelerator and that they expect even better growth in the coming quarters.

Image source: AMD

AMD also highlights that they are seeing an increase in market share from the server CPU side which is going to help them. AMD currently has a server market share of between 25-30% That will be further expanded with EPYC+Instinct combo servers and the release of future variants like Torn later this year.

Data Center segment revenue grew 80% year-over-year and 2% sequentially to a record $2.3 billion. The substantial year-over-year growth was driven by a strong ramp in AMD Instinct MI300X GPU shipments and a double-digit percentage increase in server CPU sales.

We believe we achieved a seasonally lower first quarter server CPU revenue share, led by increased enterprise adoption and cloud expansion.

Dr. Lisa Su – CEO (AMD)

We have been reporting on the latest variants of the Instinct MI300 lineup and they were once again hinted at during the earnings call. Lisa Sue said she has both the MI300 as well as the follow-on. Next Generation “MI400”, in development. Chiplet and CoWoS packaging technologies allow Instinct to be a flexible product. Samsung is reported to have signed a $3 billion deal with AMD for its HBM3E technology.y, looks like we'll see soon. MI350 and MI370 accelerators An announcement is being made for the AI ​​segment with an expected launch between the end of this year and the beginning of next year.

So we have the MI300 as well as the next, next generations in development. Our chaplet architecture is actually very flexible. And that allows us to make changes to the roadmap as needed. So we are very confident in our ability to remain very competitive.

Right now, I think the MI300x is in a sweet spot for estimation, very, very strong estimation performance. I see us bringing additional products later this year into 2025, which will be a strong point for us. And then we're also expanding our training performance and our software roadmap to go along with that. So more details are coming in the coming months, but we have a strong roadmap that goes over the next few years, and that's informed by a lot of learning in working with our top customers.

Dr. Lisa Su – CEO (AMD)

Finally, AMD sheds some light on the gaming side of things. This segment saw the biggest decline and it seems that things are not looking so good in the coming quarter as well. It is said that the second half of the year will be lower than the first half and Q2 is also going to be much lower. AMD launched some new Radeon GPUs in the first half of 2024, basically Radeon 7600 XT And Radeon RX 7900 GRE For global markets, however, the reception has not been as strong. The console-side “semi-custom” isn't all that great either.

Image source: AMD

We actually think that the second half will be less than the first half because that's basically how we see the gaming business this year. Also, gaming gross margins are lower than our company average. So overall, the mix will help on the gross margin side, it's just some color on the gaming side. But you're right, the Q2 game is way down.

Jane Ho – Executive Vice President (AMD)

Well that's all for Q1 but going forward, AMD has. A Computex 2024 keynote is planned for early June. Where it will discuss and introduce new product families is its flagship. Ryzen 9000 desktop CPU which ushered in a new era in the field of high-performance computing and gaming.

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