AMD & Arena Join Hands To Optimize & Enhance Next-Generation Radeon GPU Performance & Efficiency Using AI

AMD & Arena Join Hands To Optimize & Enhance Next-Generation Radeon GPU Performance & Efficiency Using AI

AMD and Arena AI have partnered. To improve the performance of next-generation GPUs, offering better optimization and performance.

Next-gen AMD Radeon GPUs will use AI to enhance both performance and power optimization.

Both AMD and NVIDIA are using AI in one form or another to make their GPUs faster. NVIDIA has. A range of development tools that not only help build better GPUs; But Also speed up production. While AMD is using AI to enhance performance and power optimization. AMD and Arena recently announced their collaboration on an AI-accelerated project that will use AI models to optimize their GPUs. No specific GPUs have been announced but it looks like we could see the optimization coming. Next-generation chips like the upcoming RDNA 4 lineup.

News for the newspaper: Arena, a developer of expert AI foundation models, today announced a collaboration to deploy AMD's Arena Atlas, the world's first AI test and optimization product for advanced process node semiconductor technology.

During 2023, AMD and Arena piloted Atlas to test and optimize the AMD Radeon GPU. By quickly and autonomously identifying power and performance optimizations, AMD engineers can focus on other tasks, increasing productivity and accelerating product development. Atlas adds AI convenience to the semiconductor configuration and testing process, enabling better and faster devices for consumers and professionals.

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Atlas can move beyond standard text and video to make sense of multimodal data – such as power curves, thermal profiles, and streaming HD video – to create a fuller understanding of how a complex GPU behaves. This allows Atlas to run testing and tuning jobs autonomously, reducing the workload of engineers and helping to speed up some aspects of the new product schedule.What we've proven to test with Atlas is just the beginning.” Pratap Ranade, co-founder and CEO of Arena. “In the future, Atlas will also be able to support debugging, root cause analysis, and eventually, the design of better chips and other complex electronics.”

“In addition to empowering our customers with cutting-edge capabilities to leverage the full power of AI across their businesses and industries, AMD leverages cutting-edge AI internally to improve processes and ultimately deliver better solutions to our customers. Committed to leveraging technologies.” Andrej ZdrakovicSVP, and Chief Software Officer at AMD.”

Atlas helps streamline the manually intensive and lengthy process of configuring and testing today's complex GPU technologies, helping our engineers optimize for next-generation products.”

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