Amazon Alexa (Taylor's Version): Listen to Taylor Swift's message to fans

Amazon Alexa (Taylor's Version): Listen to Taylor Swift's message to fans

old Alexa Taylor Swift can't answer your questions about her new album, but Swift can.

In promotion of Department of PoetsOn April 19, the pop star will answer your burning questions about the album on Amazon Alexa. For example, when you ask, “When does Taylor Swift's new album come out?” Alexa gives Mike Swift who says, “Hey this is Taylor Swift. My new album.” THe tortured the department of poets. It's out this Friday. All is fair in love and poetry.”

Swift famously never backs down from anyone. Promotion opportunity Despite current criticism of his artistic integrity, his music. She succeeded The only Universal Music Group artist To bring back his music Tick ​​tock Prior to the release of his album. That's not to mention his recent collaboration with Spotify in Los Angeles: a “library installation” that reveals details about an album through poetry typed on faux old-timey parchment. (Each piece of paper has a Spotify logo.) And on Instagram, If you type “Taylor Swift,” a writing emoji appears.

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For his last album, midnight, It partnered with TikTok and Spotify, as well as Amazon Prime's Thursday Night Football and Tumblr. He is one of many artists using A variant of the album How to maximize sales and profits.

Swift recently Became a billionaire. And Lives under fire For this girl Use of private jet. But Alexa can probably tell you that.

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