AI PC Prices Could Increase By 15% As Demand Expected To Grow To 60% This Year

AI PC Prices Could Increase By 15% As Demand Expected To Grow To 60% This Year

With the AI ​​hype taking off in consumer markets, drains reports that AI PC components will witness massive price increases in the future.

AI hype to take PC industry to new heights, prompts massive sales from client and consumer markets but results in price hikes

Industry adoption of AI PCs is going to be massive, especially when it comes to consumer-oriented segments such as gaming, says the market researcher. In modern times, we have seen every mainstream manufacturer, be it MSI or Lenovo, constantly racing to integrate AI features into their devices, and with the inclusion of Microsoft's Copilot, the process is further accelerated. has been catalyzed, attracting considerable consumer interest. The surface

Canalys reports that within this year, 19% of personal computers shipped to markets will be affected by AI, which is expected to grow to 60% by 2024.

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This is not just because of how AI has been a trend in the markets, but instead because of several reasons, one of which is how consumers are entering their generational upgrade cycles. are, and with the advent of AI PCs, new architectures have become more attractive than ever. Moreover, there are companies. Correction of their applications In a way that convinces users to migrate to new components as well.

Along with this sudden surge in demand, it is predicted that the prices of AI PCs will also increase gradually, recognizing the hype in the markets as well as expected consumer influx and commercial demand increasing by up to 15%. .

With AI integration into mainstream applications, we expect massive growth in the relevant computing segment, especially for components with built-in AI engines like NPUs, which means many modern-day architectures Will be more expensive for a year, just for that reason. How will AI become the next big thing?

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This is just the beginning. As soon as Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite or several other AI-based products enter the markets, we will see a huge increase in user volume, which will ultimately lead to massive sales, which will benefit the business. There are PC deliveries. It is expected to hit 267 million units this year.According to a previous report by Kanellis, and by the looks of it, we are indeed in the “green” zone.

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