ACEMAGIC Unveils M2A Starship, A Tie-Fighter Shaped Mini PC, Featuring Top-Grade Cooling

ACEMAGIC Unveils M2A Starship, A Tie-Fighter Shaped Mini PC, Featuring Top-Grade Cooling

ACEMAGIC has unveiled it. M2A Starship Mini PC Which resembles the Tie Fighter and has some of the best cooling capabilities for its hardware.

The ACEMAGIC M2A Starship is a “sci-fi” Mini PC with impressive cooling capabilities.

Well, ACEMAGIC is certainly not new when it comes to releasing oddly shaped devices. The last time we saw any of the company was his. Tank 03 Mini PC, It featured a cube-shaped design and many interesting elements. The latest ACEMAGIC M2A Starship Mini PC is no exception as it has a distinctive design that resembles the Tie Fighter. ACEMAGIC has not yet revealed the specifications of the M2A Starship, so we will talk about how the device looks and its possible features.

Now, starting with the front design, the ACEMAGIC M2A Starship Mini PC has an abstract design just like a starship. It has RGB strips with branding on the front. Early images show that this isn't your typical computing device, and at first glance, the M2A Starship looks like something from outer space. ACEMAGIC says their device comes with a two-wing design, with two cooling fans mounted on the sides to resemble engine thrusters. There are two additional fans internally for cooling the hardware.

In addition, the ACEMAGIC M2A Starship will also have a dedicated LED screen onboard, which will display metrics such as CPU temperature, power consumption, frequency, fan speed, memory usage, and other performance data. .

Overall, the new mini PC looks like a solid addition to ACEMAGIC's lineup, though we're skeptical about the device's form factor, or whether portability will be an option.

ACEMAGIC has yet to reveal a release date, but the firm is offering an early bird discount of 35%. Customers expecting a mini PC should wait for the final specs to be revealed before placing an order.

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