Woodgate Computers, based in Leicester, has been serving the community since 2009. As a small independent company, they’ve rapidly built an excellent reputation within Leicestershire and the surrounding area. Currently rated number 1 on the independent repair site Freeindex.com, Woodgate Computers caters to a diverse clientele, from business users to home users.

Here are some key aspects of their services:

  1. Custom-Built PCs and High-End Gaming Computers: Woodgate Computers specialises in crafting custom-built PCs and high-performance gaming rigs tailored to individual needs. If you’re looking for a powerful gaming experience, check out their offerings here.
  2. Repairs for Various Devices:
    • Laptops and PCs: They handle repairs for all brands of laptops and PCs, addressing both Windows errors and hardware issues.
    • Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad: Whether it’s a cracked screen or a software glitch, Woodgate Computers can fix your Apple devices.
    • Gaming Consoles: From Microsoft Xbox to Sony PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch, they tackle gaming console problems.
  3. On-Site and Workshop Services:
    • On-Site Repairs: If you can’t visit their workshop, they’ll come to you.
    • Local Collection and Drop-Off: For added convenience, they offer local collection and drop-off services.
  4. Quality Assurance:
    • All repairs are carried out on their premises, ensuring transparency and accountability.
    • Their engineers hold CompTIA A+ certifications, and Woodgate Computers is both a Microsoft partner and a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher.
  5. Sales and Business Services:
    • Computer Equipment and Peripherals: Visit them for sales of computer equipment and peripherals, including refurbished PCs.
    • Business Solutions: They provide services such as server setupremote supportenterprise emailvirtual servers, and VoIP telephone systems.
    • Proactive Maintenance Contracts: Businesses can opt for proactive maintenance contracts tailored to their needs.

Whether you’re a home user, a business owner, or a gaming enthusiast, Woodgate Computers aims to deliver professional service with clarity and expertise

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