A Pi 5 PC Or A No Name Amazon Mini Desktop? – PC Perspective

A Pi 5 PC Or A No Name Amazon Mini Desktop? – PC Perspective

Getting the most for your ~$200

The Raspberry Pi 5 is an impressive beast compared to its predecessors, and can make a half-decent solution for an underpowered desktop PC. The price is also higher than other Raspberry Pi devices, so by the time you add the M.2 adapter, case and other accessories you'll be spending around $200. Amazon sells a variety of low-cost mini PCs at the same price, Which got Ars Technica curious to see if they're a better investment. For a small desktop replacement. They ordered the Bosgame B100 for $170 and the GMKtec NucBox G2 for $180.

Both devices use an Intel processor N100, with four E-cores, the difference being that the Bosgame uses DDR4 while the GMKtex uses DDR5. Two miniPCs ship with Windows 11, sometimes Pro and sometimes not, which is a big deal even if you want a second Windows license. However, that didn't stop Ars from testing Linux, with mixed results. Take a look at how they configured the MiniPC to get the most out of them, and how their performance and quirks compare to the Pi5.

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