5 Unexpected Places to Put Your Apple AirTags

5 Unexpected Places to Put Your Apple AirTags

If you have an Apple Air tagor you are thinking about getting one. When they are on sale., you probably already know that you can use it to track your wallet and keys. But there are many other uses for a tracking device that you may not have thought of before.

Normally, you need to be within Bluetooth range to find your AirTag, but you can use Apple's Find My service to locate it if it's too far away, as long as it Still in range of any other Apple device. (here is. How does my network work?.) To do this, simply put your AirTag into Lost Mode and you'll get a notification when it comes within range of my network search.

We've compiled a list of some unexpected places to put an ear tag to help you stop constantly retracing your steps. For more details, here How to tell if an AirTag is tracking your location On Android.

In your tent when you go hiking

If you're camping somewhere you've never been, it can be useful to place an AirTag inside your tent so you can easily find your campsite. For example, if you decide to hike several miles one day, you can use Find My to find the last AirTag location (your tent) and directions back to the campsite. can get Remember, it must be within range of someone else's device, so don't rely on it in the wild. (This is why Apple advises you not to use ear tags on pets.)

In your jacket pocket

How many times have you left your coat at a restaurant, bar or friend's house? It's easy to forget to grab your jacket when you're out and about, especially if the weather is hotter than you expected or your hands are dry and full of on-the-go cups.

If you know you'll be hanging your jacket on the coat rack — or behind the chair — when you arrive, place an AirTag inside the pocket so you know where you left it. This can help prevent another favorite jacket from going to waste, and it takes less money out of your wallet to replace it.

Inside your luggage

Navigating airports can be difficult, and especially difficult when you're trying to pick up the right luggage. Sometimes you wait 30 minutes until your bags finally come off the conveyor belt — and sometimes they get lost. To take the stress out of trying to find your suitcase, you can place an AirTag tracker inside so you can track its whereabouts.

This can help you find out if your bags were left on the plane, if they're on the conveyor belt but you haven't seen them yet, or if someone accidentally grabbed your luggage. . Once you know where your bags are, you can fix the situation and continue where you're going.

Open the laptop bag.

Keep an AirTag inside your laptop bag so you stop misplacing it.

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Inside your laptop bag

Laptop bags can easily be left behind at the cafe when you're grabbing coffee for everyone in the office. When your hands are full and you're worried about how you're going to open your car door, it's hard to remember to pick up your bag from the booth you were sitting at.

That's why it's a good idea to keep the AirTag inside one of the pockets. Not only will you be able to locate your expensive laptop, but also any confidential company or personal information in your bag.

In a hidden place on your bicycle

If it hasn't happened to you, you probably know someone who has. You get home from a bike ride, go in to get water and something to eat and completely forget about the bike you left outside. Or maybe you went to the shop, didn't lock your bike and when you returned it was gone.

If you place the AirTag in a hidden place on the bike, you can easily find it. We don't recommend tracking the cycle yourself though. To avoid any dangerous situation it is better to inform the police and let them recover your bike.

This method also works on your car if it's been stolen or towed — or if you can't remember where you parked it. Even if you have an iPhone and it's connected to your car via Bluetooth, your phone can track where you last left it.

iPhone is detecting the Air Tag. iPhone is detecting the Air Tag.

Your iPhone can find your AirTag.

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More common areas to place your AirTag

AirTag is commonly used to locate these items.

  • Your wallet or purse.
  • Your keychain.
  • Your phone or tablet.
  • Your TV remote.
  • Anything of value that you leave outside of your home.

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