2023 Semiconductor Report Shows TSMC On Top of The List With NVIDIA Gaining Big, Intel 2nd & AMD At 8th Position

2023 Semiconductor Report Shows TSMC On Top of The List With NVIDIA Gaining Big, Intel 2nd & AMD At 8th Position

According to a market research firm, TSMC continues to dominate the semiconductor industry while NVIDIA is set to grow by 102% in 2023.

2023 saw TSMC retain its position as the top semiconductor firm, NVIDIA gained the largest and both are on track to dominate 2024 thanks to AI hype.

Demand for AI has significantly increased revenue streams in the semiconductor industry, which is why we've seen companies like TSMC oversee rapid growth. But according to McClean's report Tech Insights, the Taiwanese giant was one of the best players in the industry, surpassing Samsung Foundry and Intel in terms of revenue generated in FY23. This report is not surprising as industry activity replicates the same situation. Here is how.

TSMC's dominance of semiconductor markets has grown largely because every other firm in the AI ​​race, be it NVIDIA or AMD, gets key manufacturing components from the Taiwanese giant, including packaging facilities and advanced chip processes. . TSMC has become the center of attention for firms during “time of supply” and is the reason why firm involvement has increased tremendously. TSMC's estimated sales in FY23 are said to be around the $70 billion mark, and while there is a slight year-over-year decline, the firm remains bullish in the markets overall.

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Regarding the rankings, TSMC fared much better financially than Samsung Foundry, placing itself at the top of the list. TSMC was followed by Intel, and Samsung fell to third place, which is unfortunate as the Korean company saw revenue decline 34% year-over-year due to a declining trend in memory markets, a major blow for the firm. .

However, the hidden horse here was none other than NVIDIA, which saw a whopping 105% increase in annual revenue, reaching $49.6 billion. Note that these numbers are only for the semiconductor markets, not the AI-focused computing ones, where Team Green has figures in the “hundreds of billions.”

The overall market momentum still looks the same in 2024, as companies like NVIDIA plan to unveil their next-generation AI (Blackwell) products, which looks set to bring strong demand once again. As discussed in the previous post.. Since artificial intelligence is here to stay, it probably won't be long before TSMC starts showing impressive growth figures, possibly reaching the trillion dollar club soon.

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