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Disable Caps Lock key to avoid Typos
Post: 14/12/2014

Caps Lock can be quite a pain while typing. You want to hit shift but end up hitting caps lock and see everything being written in ALL CAPS. Well if you don’t use Caps lock much and prefer shift key for capitalizing words then it is better to just remove the function of caps lock to avoid typos. You have the option to go to Windows Registry to change how caps lock will be interpreted to stop ending up hitting caps lock while typing. But this method is quite hard, so here is an easier way to fix this issue.

With the help of this tool called, you can change how caps lock will work. Just download the zip file and extract on your hard drive. When you will open the folder in which it is extracted you will see 4 .reg files that will change the settings of your caps lock in different ways. It is always better to be safe so you should create a restore point before going any further. Just type restore point in Windows start menu’s search and there choose ‘create a restore point’ option and following the prompts. When the restore point is properly created then go for the next step.

Now just open the folder in which the four .reg files are. The four files will have different functions and their functions will be set as their name which is quite self-explanatory.  For example, if you would like to disable caps lock you can open the file named as ‘Disable Caps Lock’ and it will disable the functioning of Caps Lock. When for the first time you will be starting this program, The Windows might as which program should it use to open this file. When asked, you can choose Registry Editor. You will also be asked many times when you will open one of these files that if you really want to do this or not. Just say yes every time. For changes to take effect you need to log off and back on or even reboot if you like.

If you are not satisfied with the changes or want to revert back to old settings you always open the file names as ‘Restore Caps Lock’ to restore the settings.