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Before Upgrading RAM it is better to do some research
Post: 22/11/2014

The total amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) you have in your PC might not make it super efficient but still it will make things faster. Also, it is easier to install as compared to SSD. But still you need to know how much your PC needs RAM and what type of RAM it needs. I am sure you don’t want to spend all your money on RAM that will not actually be beneficial for your PC.

If you are thinking of getting more RAM to speed up your PC you first need to know do you even need more RAM or not. To check, just right-click on taskbar and click on Task Manager in the menu. There click on Performance tab and there you can see how much RAM is in use at the lower left hand side. If it is below 25% use when you are doing normal operations, then getting more RAM can actually be good for your PC.

To make your RAM purchasing decision more effective you can also use RAM slots to get better performance. PC’s normally come with an even number of Slot, meaning it will either have 2 slots or 4. To get better performance you can split the DIMMs in more than one slot with different memory channels. So if you have two 4GB DIMMs using in two different slots instead of one 8GB DIMM in one slot you will have battery performance. This method is better if you have enough budget and don’t mind spending some extra cash for performance. It will also take more slots, so in future if you are going to need more RAM it might limit you.

You can also get full statistics of your RAM and learn if you need more RAM or not using this program called Crucial System Scanner.Just download this program and run it, it will show all results in your browser. The results will show total number of slots in your PC and how many are filled and how many are empty and what is in the ones which are filled. You will also be able to see what type of RAM you need.